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There’s no mistaking, in today’s fast-paced life you have less than two seconds to grab someone’s attention online. Add to that, the current situation with Safer at Home orders in place and nearly everything we do nowadays is almost solely online, one has to add an extra layer of creativity to the mix to get in front of potential buyers.

Now more than ever, digital photography and virtual tours allow sellers reach potential clients like never before. Larger percentages of people are becoming more and more tech savvy and because we all had to quickly shift how we live our lives and conduct business, the importance of good, high-quality photography is no longer an option if you want successful results.

While the jury is still out on the updated numbers of users now searching and buying homes solely online, it’s fair to say that good photography and videography for your listings are now even more critical to your success in selling your home quickly and for top dollar.


Here are a few surprising facts;

  • Potential buyers are more likely to spend the bulk of their time looking through photos than reading the listing details and rate high quality photos as extremely important in their buying decisions.
  • Only a small portion of listings have high-quality photography even though homes with professional photos get twice as many more views. This means, if you don’t have professional photography, potential buyers may not even be seeing your listing.
  • Competition is tough in that two-dimensional images are not enough. More and more potential buyers are looking for ways to virtually engage with potential properties from a distance. 3D virtual tours and walkthrough videos are the perfect solution to tour the property prior to scheduling an in-person tour.
  • A surprising fact that is that fewer agents use professional photography than you think even though agents who regularly outsource their listing photography to the pros, earned on average, twice as much commission as those who take their own photos. Yet only a small percentage of agents call in professional photographers regularly.
  • Homes listed for more than $300k without professional photography usually stay on the market longer and sell for less than those with.

As you can see, by using high-quality and professional real estate photography, you’ll attract potential buyers and likely sell your home faster while earning a higher sales price.


Therefore, it’s safe to say that working with a real estate photographer is a worth-while investment.


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